Carl's Jr. Strawberry Pop-tart Ice Cream Sandwich

 For starters I am a sucker for ice cream. I also don't mind a cold pop-tart every once in a while. When my friend told me Carl's Jr. had a strawberry pop-tart ice cream sandwich, it made me feel giddy like a kid and I had to try one. It is a simple dessert concept that I am mad at my self for never thinking of before. They cut a strawberry pop-tart in half, and place a "hand-scooped" ball of vanilla ice cream strategically in between. Now I'm not sure if this was actually "hand-scooped" by a human hand or a machine hand, but the marketing term definitely adds some homemade feel to it. Especially after they put it in this simple non-machine sealed plastic wrap with one lone sticker on the front.

 As for the flavor, it is pretty self explanatory. For my taste buds it was a little too sweet. Now, I understand and expected it to be sweet, but the strawberry filling with the ice cream was just a bit too much. The one thing this ice cream sandwich has going for it was the texture of everything combined. I was expecting the pop-tart, or even the ice cream to be a little hard. That wasn't the case. They hand it to you at a perfect temperature. I wouldn't recommend letting this dessert sit around too long before eating it. You could end up with a little mess and not enjoy it as much. Some people don't like cold pop-tart's, but as you can tell I do. Carl's Jr. serves these for $1.49 - $1.69 throughout the U.S. for a limited time.

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