Pumpkin Ramen - Ramen Halu San Jose, CA

It's that time of year again. PUMPKIN EVERYTHING! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! It drives me crazy! I'm not one of those people that enjoy the fall flavors of pumpkin. Actually I can't stand it. Even worse is that everyone just associates pumpkin with actual pumpkin spice. Which is a concoction of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, and cloves. I also learned that canned pumpkin isn't actually the Jack o' Lantern pumpkin we think it is. It's actually Kabocha squash (Japanese Pumpkin), or a variety of other winter squashes pureed together an canned. My guess is that if you were to see a mixed spice latte or a slice of squash pie on the menu, people wouldn't buy it. It must be a marketing ploy.
Well, there is actually one pumpkin indulgence that I crave every Fall season. Ramen Halu of San Jose, CA has a tasty pumpkin ramen that they make every October through Thanksgiving. This twist on traditional ramen keeps my soup cravings going through the year satisfied. Ramen Halu creates this soup in their own way by adding a puree of Kabocha squash to there rich house made pork broth. This adds color and a sweetness to the broth that is already amazing. To top off the soup they add thin sliced fried pieces of Kabocha squash, corn, and finely grated parmesan cheese. Oh, and of coarse the center piece is a perfectly cooked egg.
Yes! I said parmesan in Japanese ramen!!! I have never heard of any place topping ramen with it before. To be honest I love to top all my soups at home with parmesan. So why not? Don't hate on it, until you try it...

Pictures Courtesy of Richard Park Photography