Rose International Market

A spot where one of my long time friends and I like to go to is Rose International Market. There are two locations. One in Downtown Mt. View, CA off Castro, and the other in Downtown Saratoga, CA off of Big Basin Way. Their menu consists of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. I like to order a variety of things from here, but my favorite is pictured below. I get some chicken and "koobieh" ground beef kabobs along with some grilled vegetables. This is all served on top of some fresh pieces of lavash bread to tear off and pick at your meal with. Even though both restaurants have been around for a while, I tend to like the Mt. View location a little better.


"Eat More Kale"

In effort to balance my not so good eating habits, I have been trying to eat things that are nutritionally better for me more often. Kale is one of those magical things that when you eat it by itself, it takes more calories to burn it off  than it actually has in itself. Kale has been getting a lot of hype lately for some reason. Lately, being in the news for the "Eat More Kale" logo printed on shirts going against the Chick-fil-A Corporation trying to take down a small time shirt seller. Anyways.. this in all I guess is a good thing, except for the T-shirt man. I have been only eating kale now for the past 7 years. More and more each year. I have been finding new ways to enjoy kale by talking about it with friends, and sharing ideas. So I guess the slogan is right... Everyone should eat more kale. It is one of the best things you can eat. Having the most nutrients per calorie than anything else. Kale is very rich in calcium, vitamin c, vitamin k, and is known to have anti- cancer fighting properties in it.

Although eating it raw is the best way to consume kale. It can be tough for some peoples pallets. I believe consuming as much as possible in any form can't hurt. If you have never had kale before, try stripping it from it's stock and rinsing it. Then chop it up to smaller pieces and throw it into a hot soup when it is finished. It almost replicates spinach in a way.

I also enjoy eating kale chips. They are dehydrated kale leaves, with a sauce pasted on them before they are dried crispy. The only problem is these things are on the expensive side, and I only get them once in a while. I hope to one day make my own!

Kale inA Krunch - Habanero Ranch Kale Chips