Falafelove... My falafel journey.

Every so often I get cravings for certain foods. For the last 20 years I have been going to Falafel's Drive In, in San Jose, CA to satisfy two of my craving outbursts: A fresh falafel sandwich and a banana milkshake. To me, it doesn't get much better than that. First of all, I'm a sucker for a good banana milkshake. And this milkshake, by any means, isn't the greatest I've ever had...but it definitely hits the spot. Though I have been going here for a majority of my life, it was just recently I found out that this legendary spot was actually called "Falafel's" not "Falafel" Drive In. This just goes to show that my eyes are not on the establishment's sign, but on the food I find.

However, this posting isn't about shakes... it's about the falafel sandwich. I would have to say that the falafel sandwich has been on a steady climb of popularity over the years. While I have journeyed to find other joints with a more satisfying falafel sandwich,  I have failed to find ONE that was worth talking about.

Until now...

Falafel Stop in Sunnyvale, CA is my new 'go-to' spot. It has a more tasteful, layered sandwich. The toppings and pita bread are by far more delicious. To me the actual falafel balls are vastly different from each other, but my palate can appreciate each approach.  For me the difference between the two sandwiches is quite obvious. Falafel's Drive In has a more simple and traditional approach while Falafel Stop creates a more complex savory sandwich.

So after nearly 20 years strong of serious falafel spot hunting, I now have two that I can regularly frequent. Both of them tend to get busy during the regular business peak hours, but have the necessary staff to move customers through the lines swiftly. Recently, I have been going to Falafel Stop more often; mostly because it's closer in proximity to where I work and live. But, whenever I start to savor over that banana milk shake I'm missing out on, I can walk next door to Dairy Belle (which is literally, next door, to Falafel Stop) to complete my falafel experience.