Leifheit Cherry Pitter

This is my favorite time of year for fruit. Stone fruits galore! 

I came across this little contraption a couple months ago and thought it might be nice to share it. This ingenious tool is made by Leifheit. Reviews on this kitchen tool on the web are mixed. Everyone who writes negative about it is complaining that it's messy and doesn't work like it should. Well, first of all pitting cherries is no fun clean task. Second, I found this tool relatively fast for pitting compared to individual pitters that I am used to. To be honest, the cherries don't automatically feed very well like you think they would. Actually... they don't feed at all. I had to feed them with my hand. I think that is the main issue some people may have with this tool. But once I got a rhythm to my madness, the pitting was moving quite swiftly. One great thing about this tool is that it completely comes apart to clean, and also has replacement parts that can be ordered of the Leifheit website. So overall, my thoughts are that this is a great tool if you have tens of pounds of cherries to pit every year. If not stick with a hand pitter

Now what to make with the cherries...

Here's a link to find Leifheit USA for this and more ingenious home tools.

Pictures courtesy of Richard Park Photography

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