In-N-Out Burger Vs. Five Guys Burgers and Fries


Five Guys

Pro's of In-N-Out Burger:
Fresh ingredients
Fresh cut fries
Cheaper menu items ($2.25 for single, $3.25 for comparable burger)
Open until 1:30AM on Weekends
Thousand Island Sauce (if you care for it)

Con's of In-N-Out Burger:
Not too many topping choices
Smaller size overall burger

Pro's of Five Guys:
Fresh ingredients
Fresh cut fries cooked in peanut oil
Good size single patty burger
Unlimited burger combinations (endless toppings)
Cajun fries/ free peanuts

Con's of Five Guys:
Closed at 10 PM
Not too many locations yet

Overall consensus:
To me both burgers are delicious, but there are two major differences.
#1- Five guys have all these amazing toppings. But in the same sense you can over do it with everything. In-N-Out has their secret menu, but it's really not that special.
#2- If you are on a budget, or crave a tasty burger past 10 PM, go for In-N-Out. Until Five Guys is respectfully spread out across main roads and freeway exits in California, their access is limited. 
Five Guys
Photos courtesy of Richard Park Photography
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